Introducing the LiberatorMax

Communicate more effectively with your entire crew! The new LiberatorMAX has everything our customers have been asking for! Teams can be on different channels on the same site, while switching back and forth, easily! The most advanced intercom system for crew communications in rugged environments and demanding situations. Hit the on switch and immediately be […]

Introducing the Actio PRO

Speak Easy Communications is proud to unveil a new intercom – the Actio Pro. It represents our commitment to safety, our hunger for innovation and most importantly: it represents how we listen to our customers. Every one of the features we have implemented on this model are based on the feedback we have received from you – our […]

Let’s have a chat around the ol’ wood chipper!

This video starts off with an example of a standard noisy work site with wood chipper going strong–and it dominates everything–nobody is talking. Then, you’ll hear first hand what our intercoms can do–eliminating just about everything that would hinder communication.   Most folks think there are better places to have a conversation than around a […]

Speak Easy Proud Sponsor of Ohio ISA Tree Climbing Championship

Columbus, Ohio – The judges at this year’s Ohio ISA’s Tree Climbing Championship will be using VERTIX™ brand headsets on loan from Speak Easy Communication Solutions, Inc.–and the winner of the contest will be awarded a Heavy Industry Communication Rockman Bundle. While other wireless intercoms are designed to block road noise, these headsets feature noise-cancelling technology designed […]