About Speak Easy Communication Solutions

Creating Safer, More Productive Worksites.

Since 2015, Speak Easy Communication Solutions has been making heavy industry jobsites safer.

Construction companies, arborists, search and rescue teams, and more rely on our revolutionary wireless intercom system for clear, noise-cancelling communication. Our technology eliminates costly mistakes and safety concerns associated with heavy-industry workplace communication.

While this cutting-edge digital technology pays for itself in reducing turnover, stress, and mistakes—we’ve also made our products competitive in price.

Contact us today to see how we can transform operations for your crew.

Actio Pro vs. Wood Chipper Noise

Watch Speak Easy founder, Alex Kundrat and his team, demonstrate just how effective their noise cancelling headphones are in real time at one of their tree cutting jobs.

“Highest quality communication gear, using innovative cutting-edge technologies.”

– Speak Easy Communication Solutions

Owner and Founder of Speak Easy Communication, Alex Kundrat knows the industry inside and out. He is a certified arborist and has personally field-tested every product.

After working in continuous noise exposure, he decided to finally address needs that were being overlooked—especially those concerning noise-cancelling technology and communication. From hearing loss to safety concerns, loneliness and miscommunication—Speak Easy Communication is the solution.

We have to say—it’s about time.

– Alex

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