Alex talks to ‘Dozer Dave’ Turin

Earlier this year, Alex, founder of Speak Easy Communication Solutions, LLC, ran into ‘Dozer Dave’ of Discovery Channel’s hit reality show, “Gold Rush”. Listen to what Dave had to say about our wireless, noise-cancelling intercoms.

Watch the full video with Dozer Dave!

Alex: “Dave, what do you think about our Speak Easy wireless intercoms?”

Dave: “Speak Easy, I love it! This is a hell of an idea. So many times when I’m out in the field, y’know it’s loud. Loud equipment. Put this on, cut out the noise. But, the other thing I can do is talk to the guys–I can talk the truck drivers, I can talk to the boss, I can talk to the guy running the crusher. This is a great idea. So, anyway, I’m gonna, kinda, throw this up on our web site–maybe on, uh, Facebook–try to sell some of these.”

Alex: “That’d be fantastic”

Dave: “Hell of a product.”

Alex: “Thanks, Dave!”

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