Dangerous Work Done Safely

Earlier this summer I was passing by some new construction – noticed a foreman guiding activities on both sides of a GIANT WALL by standing in the doorway— directing a crane operator on one side of the wall to lay steel trusses into place on the other side of a wall.

That was when I turned my car around and said “Do you guys want to try something?” – and I met Mike from Lake Building Products.

I had caught them toward the end of a shift and they actually stopped what they were doing, and allowed me to outfit them with some Vertix™ noise-cancelling intercoms. Boy, were they ever surprised how well they could finally hear each other.

The engine noise of that crane nearly disappeared.

Like many others have discovered since that time, working safe and speaking easy is the ONLY way to work. I set them up with a demo set to use for the whole next day. They were SOLD!

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