Benefits & Specs
For Speak Easy Construction Site Radios

We are driven to bringing your company safe and reliable communication products.

Constant background noise is destructive, not only for productivity but also overall health. Yelling and being yelled at over the sound of heavy-industry equipment is mentally exhausting. Not only that, but the added noise can lead to serious, irreversible hearing loss.

We’re not accepting this as “par for the course.”

Instead, we’ve invented a noise-cancelling algorithm that specifically targets low-frequency background noises such as chainsaws, truck engines, wood chippers, and other machinery. Check out our video to hear the difference for yourself.

Additionally, we utilize frequency-hopping technology that allows your team to enjoy the clearest communication possible without interference. To learn more about the benefits of frequency hopping, watch our video. This groundbreaking enhancement is revolutionizing how the heavy-construction industry, arborists, search and rescue teams, and more operate in difficult situations.

We’re happy to say, your jobsite will never be the same!


We understand that our clients rely on our technology’s performance.

For crystal clear communication, we created our Ver 3.0 Class 1 Advanced Wireless Technology Compatibility with a frequency band of 2.4–2.4835 GHz, which allows for a radio range of 550 yards with two devices or up to 1,600 yards with four devices.

We also utilize only the toughest material for all-weather use. What does this mean for you? Our systems can support your team no matter the operating environment. 

For distraction-free usage, our devices can support your crew through a full day of service. On a full charge, users can expect operating times of up to 10 hours or 6.5 hours of continuous use.

For added comfort and less nuisance, we’re made our systems extremely light. Operators will be pleasantly surprised by the light weight of the Control Unit: 1.69 oz (48g); the Single-Speaker Headset: 1.09 oz (31g); and the Helmet Mount: just 1.35 oz (37g).

* Radio range is within line of sight and subject to environmental conditions.