It’s Time to Start Talking Again

It’s time to start talking again

Alex Kundrat got tired of yelling every day. He spent a lot of time on heavy industry work sites and had to “compete” to be heard over engines and cranes. The continual exposure to noise during the day invaded Alex’s private life – not only did he come home worn out from a day of yelling, he also started finding it difficult to hear his family in everyday settings. This motivated Alex to overcome his problem–he went on to found Speak Easy Communication Solutions, LLC. After partnering with VERTIX™ Global, Speak Easy is now proud to bring state-of-the-art radio systems that will revolutionize your work site experience.

Speak Easy Communication’s systems are designed to isolate and protect your hearing in difficult conditions while staying connected to the team, with perfect clarity. Our intercoms will seemingly make engine noise disappear and your cranes operate “silently”. Just imagine being able to bring critical instructions directly to the ears of your crew–without yelling.

You’ll just have to try these to believe them!

  • Keep both hands free! No push-to-talk buttons, and it’s always on
  • Allows for continuous listening to other team members
  • Full Duplex: No cutting out, No waiting to speak–just talk and hear each other naturally!
  • Stop Yelling! Be more professional
  • Focus on the work! Perfect line-of-sight not necessary!
  • Supports multiple people talking simultaneously!  Connect teams of 2, 3 or 4 members
  • Integrates with every type of existing muff and helmet system
  • Tested tough: with continual design improvements to hold up under daily wear-and-tear

Who’s it for?

  • Crane Operators, Riggers, Hook On Guys, Connectors and Foremen
  • Road Construction, Road Surface Marking
  • Traffic Control & Flagging
  • Engine rooms
  • Line maintenance and Electrical workers
  • Any place that’s noisy and communication is CRITICAL
  • Any place where DISTANCE makes communication difficult

Unlike walkie talkies, channel interference is greatly minimized while communicating critical information as Speakeasy’s system uses frequency hopping technology.

Other noise-cancelling communication products exist on the market–they tend to be suited for motor sports or other applications. Only Speak Easy’s technology is designed to address the types of noise found on the heavy industry job site.

Our noise-filtering capability is not like others on the market. Our units use an algorithm based on a unique sound-sample that Speak Easy teamed with Vertix™ Global to create.

Thus, the way our units block out low frequency ‘heavy industry’ noise makes this technology stand apart from other offerings. It gets out the low grumbles, engines, and other interference that often makes communication impossible on many work sites.

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