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Introducing the Actio Pro

Speak Easy Communications is proud to unveil a new intercom – the Actio Pro. It represents our commitment to safety, our hunger for innovation and most importantly: it represents how we listen to our customers. Every one of the features we have implemented on this model are based on the feedback we have received from you – our very loyal following.

Turn on your volume and listen as Alex Kundrat demonstrates the features of the Actio Pro

These units are PACKED with the features our customers have been asking for. Our 2nd generation intercom: The Actio-Pro exclusively from Speak Easy carries the following features

– 6 users talking simultaneous (full duplex).
– Increased range
– Longer battery life (lighter physical battery, improved circuitry incurs less draw)
– Heavier communication wiring with flush mounting
– Flexible antenna
– Waterproof microphone, yes! waterproof!
– Mutable microphone to take phone calls 
– Attachments are external! Ear muffs or helmet do not need to be modified.
– One button connecting: Push ‘B’ button on any unit, once, and they all connect.
– Simple pairing (video here)
– Ability to link multiple groups via 2 way radio

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