Introducing the Liberator Max

Communicate more effectively with your entire crew!

The new LiberatorMAX has everything our customers have been asking for! Teams can be on different channels on the same site, while switching back and forth, easily! The most advanced intercom system for crew communications in rugged environments and demanding situations. Hit the on switch and immediately be connected to your entire team while being free to move without restriction.

  > Up to 8 users
  > Unlimited listen-only headsets
  > Range up to 1500 feet
  > Integrate portable radio into the headset
  > Dual speaker headset
  > Noise reduction rating of 23dB
  > Hands-free, no push to talk
  > 15 hours of battery life
  > Available in behind-the-head style
  > Charging options: 120VAC, 12VDC wall charger, or 12VDC power supply (Wall charger included; car charger available for purchase)
  > Helps with OSHA hearing safety compliance and conservation regulations