Let’s have a chat around the ol’ wood chipper!

This video starts off with an example of a standard noisy work site with wood chipper going strong–and it dominates everything–nobody is talking. Then, you’ll hear first hand what our intercoms can do–eliminating just about everything that would hinder communication.


Most folks think there are better places to have a conversation than around a wood chipper. However, imagine how much safer you could work if you could wave a magic wand and make the noise of the chipper, chainsaw and crane simply *go away*!

Well, with our Vertix™ brand intercoms, that’s exactly what you think will have happened. Our noise-cancelling technology filters out everything except your teammate’s voices. Speak Easy worked with the manufacturer to come up with an algorithm that is based on a low-frequency sound sample that we sent to them.

The result is astonishing. You have to try these to believe them!

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