How to Set UP

Actio Radios

Our First-Gen VERTIX™ radios can be combined into groups of 2, 3, or up to a maximum of 4 radios.

What’s all this talk of “pairing” and “connecting”?

These are two totally different concepts, but are certainly related to each other.

If you have never performed a “pairing” session with your Actio units, stop and view How to Pair Actio Radios video below.

Once your radios have been networked together (a.k.a. “paired”) they can be shut down. Then, whenever you need to use them on the job site, you power on the number of units you need, and then you “connect” them.

For example, if you own 4 Actios, and have “paired” all 4 together, you can still create separate work-groups of 2 members each, by powering them on and “connecting” in two separate sessions, using the pattern explained in the above video.