Improving Work Team Communications

Are your tired of only being able to communicate small or short instructions because of background noise? This is frustrating and stressful. Furthermore, it’s not safe.

Made of durable synthetic resin, the Speak Easy Heavy Industry Communication Twin Pack Bundle comes with two ROCKMAN® hard hats – designed for the most brutal industrial applications. But, however noisy the job site, your team will be communicating effectively.

The Speakeasy Heavy Industry Communication Twin Pack Bundle has unlimited applications. It makes work more efficient less stressful and SAFER.

Don’t take our word for it – meet Alex, a certified Arborist:

I can tell my crane operator to rotate left while I am in the middle of a cut – and so he doesn’t have to stare into the sun behind me. I do not have to let go of the saw to hand signal – I can say “that’s enough” after the limb is finished. The crane operator can tell the crew in the landing zone “go that way I want to lay it down across the yard” and the crew can say “hold it there I want to cut a few of the lower branches off”. This prevents people getting pinned under the limb – a massive improvement in safety and a HUGE savings in time. I did not anticipate how much less stressful it is to be able to talk without yelling and waving to get someone’s attention.

  • Imagine a garbage truck driver able to communicate with his crew. “Watch out front guys fast car coming” “Pull up a bit”.
  • Imagine a crew installing sewers on a busy street – effectively communicating with the above-ground work mates without climbing out of the pit or yelling.
  • Imagine an excavator operator no longer having to get on his tip toes and looking down in the pit to see hand signals.

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