Announcing a New Partnership with VERTIX™ Global

Cleveland, OH – Alex Kundrat, the founder of Speak Easy Communication Solutions, LLC, is a certified arborist in the eastern suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio, is excited to announce a new partnership.

The products offered here have been thoroughly researched by Alex and tried in the field. Due to the way these communication solutions have changed Alex’s quality of life, he became motivated to bring this technology to others in his field. Alex and the Speakeasy team became very excited when we were able to form a partnership with VERTIX Global.

“We believe our initial product offerings, using VERTIX™’s state-of-the-art, Bluetooth® frequency hopping technology, fitted into various hard hat / ear muff combinations, is perfectly suited to revolutionize the heavy industry workplace. They are the perfect combination of simplicity and reliability, while delivering an exceptional, distraction-free communication experience.”, says Alex, after cementing this relationship.

VERTIX™ Global is a privately held company which owns the VERTIX™ brand of high performance, innovative products for sports and public safety communications. Our products are used in motor and human powered sports.

Specializing in Sports Communication products. These products range in usage from Outdoor sports like Cycling, Skiing, Motorbiking, ATV, Hiking as well as professional applications in various workplace environments. Designed with safety in mind, VERTIX™ products are very easy to use and deliver very good performance. VERTIX™ devices are also useful in supplementing disaster and crisis communication. With its frequency hopping technology, it is less susceptible to interference compared to traditional license-free walkie-talkies. It also does not require a license to operate.

Speak Easy Communication Solutions, LLC – Aiming to revolutionize work team communication at an effective price – Speakeasy is busy formulating great product combinations that will meet the needs of industrial crews everywhere. Launched in 2015, Speak Easy Communication Solutions, LLC has been searching for communication solutions that can make the ‘heavy industry’ workplace safer.



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