How To Setup

Actio Instructions

Actio Pairing

First, power-on units (one by one) and clear any prior networking configuration, then proceed to link all 4 Actio units together–we refer to this network linkage activity as “pairing” the radios.

This is generally a one-time step, and is not performed every day. For daily usage, you must still go through a power-up and “connect” procedure depending on how you want to divide up your radios. When making completely separate teams that will not talk to each other, (for example, two groups of 2) the radios must be handed out in the same order they were originally paired in.

Actio Daily Startup: Connecting

If you have not ever performed a “pairing” session with your Actio units, stop and read Actio Pairing and watch the video

Once your radios have been networked together (a.k.a. “paired”) they can be shut down. Then, whenever you need to use them on the job site, you power on the number of units you need, and then you “connect” them.

For example, if you own 4 Actios, and have “paired” all 4 together, you can still create separate work-groups of 2 members each, by powering them on and “connecting” in two separate sessions, using the pattern explained in the Actio Pairing video above.

Watch the Actio Daily Startup Video here

Actio AutoConnect

All new Actio units ship with the “AutoConnect” feature enabled, but if you have prior purchases of Actio that you would like to have upgraded, send your units into Speak Easy to have the firmware upgraded.

Watch the Actio AutoConnect video here.