How To Setup

Actio PRO Instructions

Pairing vs Connecting

Pairing: “Pairing” is a networking step that can be done once. Even if your day-to-day work session requirements are sometimes chaotic, and force you to create ad-hoc crews—you can often keep the pairing in-tact as long as you understand how to power-on and “connect” the radios for their daily work sessions.

For example, if you’ve purchased six units, you should proceed to “pair” all 6 of them in one long sequential chain. Once the pairing step is completed, power the units down.

Connecting: Once you’ve done the pairing, you can power-up sub-sets of radios to create separate work crews, no further “pairing” configuration is required. Just make sure the powered-on units are “neighbors” from your original pairing session. Units that were “paired” in sequential order can be kept together and used for a given work crew. After you power them on, press “B” on the highest paired radio. All the units will recognize each other and “connect”.

Pairing Your Radios

Units must be labeled in a manner to help you keep track of the order in which you are going to pair them. Later, in regular workday usage, being able to see the original pairing order will be critical when trying to power-up and “connect” your radios.

It is best if you can distance yourself from the following sources of interference when trying to establish pairings:

  • Vehicle Bluetooth
  • WiFi Routers / Hotspots

All new Actio Pros should be paired as demonstrated here

The basic steps are as follows:

  1. Lay all your units out and, POWER them ON.
  2. Clear Prior Pairings:
    (hold A and B buttons until blue lights flash three times)
    Do this for each unit.
  3. Pair unit 1 to unit 2
    (hold Vol – and A simultaneously of unit 1) 
    (hold Vol – and B simultaneously of unit 2)
  4. Temporarily Disconnect 2 from 1
    Press and release the B button on #2.  
    Blue light stops flashing, remains solid. 
  5. Pair unit 2 to unit 3 
    (hold Vol – and A simultaneously of unit 2) 
    (hold Vol – and B simultaneously of unit 3)

    Now you have a set of 3 networked units.

  6. NOTE: There is NO NEED to “complete the circle” by pairing the last unit back to the first unit – the steps above are enough.
  7. Continue as needed in similar fashion for all the Actio PRO radios you own (you can network up to 6 devices).
  8. You must power the units OFF now.

How to Connect Your Radios

It is best if you can distance yourself from the following sources of interference when trying to establish a connection:

  • Vehicle Bluetooth
  • WiFi Routers / Hotspots
  • Phone Bluetooth

Create two crews of 3 radios each: simply power-up units #1, #2 and #3 and give them about 30 seconds to recognize one another. Then, complete their connectivity by pressing the “B” button on the highest paired radio in that group (in this case, radio #3). Then, repeat these steps for units 4-6 to create another work crew.

Create a single crew of 6 radios: If you decide one day that you want to use all the units together as a six man team, just power on all the units, give them about 45 seconds to recognize each other before tapping the “B” button on the last unit (unit #6) to connect them all.


  1. Locate all previously-paired units, make sure they are OFF.
  2. Next: power on all the paired units
  3. Press the button, once. You must use the very last unit of the paired devices. (Given the pairing session described above, you would press on either Unit #1, or Unit #3)