Noise Cancellation Benefits

Speakeasy wireless headsets are designed for disaster relief and management, providing traditional search and rescue operation with leading-edge digital, noise-filtering communication technology.


We’ve just incorporated a special updated noise cancelling algorithm that specifically targets low frequency background noise. This late-breaking enhancement is based off a sound sample taken directly from heavy industry equipment and enhances how you operate in difficult situations – enabling you to communicate with ease. It dramatically cuts out or reduces background noise from:

  • Chain Saws
  • Truck Engines
  • Wood Chippers
  • Engine Rooms
  • …and more…

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Unlike walkie-talkies, channel interference is greatly minimized while communicating critical information as Speak Easy uses frequency hopping technology. CLICK HERE TO SEE WOOD CHIPPER DEMONSTRATION!

Effectively communicate real-time for up to 4 members in each search and rescue team. The system is designed to retain environmental awareness while staying connected to the team.

Real-time clear communication
Engage in real-time clear communication with group communication capability for up to 4 members in a search and rescue team. CLICK HERE TO SEE WOOD CHIPPER DEMONSTRATION!

Stay connected for up to 1.5km apart
Stay connected to each other with an individual range of up to 500 meters and total distance of up to 1.5km for 4 members in a search and rescue team.

Filter out unwanted noise
The Cut-the-Noise technology ensures that surrounding noise is filtered out. Hear and be heard clearly by your search and rescue team with the voice activated mic. CLICK HERE TO SEE WOOD CHIPPER DEMONSTRATION!

Safety comes first
When it comes to search and rescue, your safety is our topmost priority. The single-speaker headset is designed specially to retain environmental awareness and allows you to stay connected to your search and rescue team at the same time.

Easy set up
Secure it to your helmet using the helmet mount and you are ready to commence your search and rescue mission!

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