How To Setup – Second Generation Intercoms

Our second-gen Vertix™ Bluetooth control units can be combined into groups of 2, 3, 4, 5 or up to a maximum of 6 intercoms.

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Users of our original first-gen product (supporting up to 4) should refer to these instructions instead.
Alex Kundrat demonstrates how to pair (‘network”) together 3 Vertix­­® intercom units

“Pairing” determines how many units can function together as a team. “Pairing” is a configuration step that can be done once, or whenever your work site dictates a different kind of team organization.

For example, if you’ve purchased six intercom units, you might choose to do 2 separate pairing sessions to create two groups of three units.

Once you’ve done this, if that is the way you intend to operate for the next several months, no further “pairing” configuration is required.

If you decide one day that you want to use all the units together as a six man team, you would need to clear the prior pairings of all the units and perform the pairing configuration as shown in this video to link all the units into a single, networked team.

The basic steps are as follows:

  1. Decide which units are to be used together, POWER them ON.

    NOTE: Units must be labeled in a manner to help you keep track of the order in which you are going to pair them. Later on in regular workday usage, you’ll activate a ‘work session’ by pressing the B button once on either the very first or very last of all the paired devices.

  2. Clear Prior Pairings:
    (hold A and B buttons until blue lights flash three times)
    Do this for each unit.
  3. Pair unit 1 to unit 2:
    (hold Vol – and A simultaneously of unit 1) then
    (hold Vol – and B simultaneously of unit 2)
    You will hear an audible “the device is connected” confirmation.
  4. Pair unit 2 to unit 3:
    Press and release the B button on #2. 
    (temporarily disconnecting #2 from #1 )
    (hold Vol – and A simultaneously of unit 2) then
    (hold Vol – and B simultaneously of unit 3)
    You will hear an audible “the device is connected” confirmation.
  5. Now you have a set of 3 networked units (as shown in the clip).
    NOTE: There is NO NEED to “complete the circle” by pairing the last unit back to the first unitthe steps above are enough.
  6. Continue as needed in similar fashion to create the correct size ActioPro intercom network (you can network up to 6 devices).
  7. You must power the units OFF now.

For daily usage work session:

  1. Locate all previously-paired units, make sure they are OFF.
  2. Next: power on all the paired units
  3. Press the B button, once. You must use the very first unit of the paired devices, or the very last unit. (Given the pairing session described above, you would press B on either Unit #1, or Unit #3)
Speak Easy’s founder, Alex Kundrat, demonstrates the daily usage routine

Our 2nd generation Actio-Pro Intercoms from Vertix™ have great new features that our customers have been waiting for!

In the video above, after turning on and activating the previously-paired units, Alex demonstrates how to mute your microphone so that you can take a private phone call. You can still hear the crew, but they can’t hear what you’re doing!

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